Race Directors of PEI Roadrunners / Hashem’s Variety Championship Points Series 

The PEI Roadrunners Club will be sanctioning only the races in the Hashem’s Variety / PEI Roadrunners Championship Points Series events. If you were previously a “Points Race”, and wish to be again for the current year,  please Fill in Sanctioning Form

Race Directors of All Other Events  

Unsanctioned events will be listed on the PEI Roadrunner's schedule for information purposes only, but will not be actively promoted by the PEI Roadrunners.

You are encouraged to use our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, our Message Board) to promote your events to our running community.  Submit your event to our schedule

Download Race Materials:

The following material is used at non chip timed events. You will need one copy of each Time Sheets & Bib Number Sheets, and as many Waiver & Registration Sheets as you think you’ll need (4 registrations/sheet, 46 signatures/waiver sheet)

Event Permit Forms (Outside Charlottetown and Summerside):

The Event Permit forms are required for races that will take place outside the cities of Summerside and Charlottetown. You must file this 30 days before your event.

Within Charlottetown and Summerside, you should contact the city police with the details of your run.

Advice for Race Directors regarding distance limits for young runners

The PEI Roadrunners Club strongly encourages Race Directors to follow these guidelines. Any runners under Athletics Canada’s recommended minimum age for the given distance will require a parent to sign their registration form & waiver.