Prince Edward Island Roadrunner’s Club Constitution


This organization shall be known as the Prince Edward Island Roadrunner’s Club.

For the purposes of this Chapter of the Island wide body, the initials P.E.I.R.R.C. shall mean “Prince Edward Island Roadrunner’s Club”.


The Prince Edward Island Roadrunner’s Club shall be a non-profit organization.

The purpose of the Club shall be to promote and encourage running as a sport and healthful exercise. The emphasis shall be on participation.

The objectives of the Club shall be:

(a) To provide the opportunity for everyone involved in running to present their views and concerns, to discuss and exchange ideas, methods and training programs:

(b) To provide a united and strong voice to SportPEI and Provincial Legislation by means of resolutions and recommendations;

(c) To provide a channel of communication and information concerning new ideas, methods and techniques in the field of running by means of a newsletter and/or bulletin;

(d) To participate and institute research projects, and to do any other things to encourage running of all types.


The Operation of the P.E.I.R.R.C. shall be carried out mainly within the Province of P.E.I.


Membership shall be divided into the following categories:

(a) Active Members – Any member of the Provincial body, from either Queens, Kings or Prince County, who is interested in furthering the objectives of the P.E.I.C.C.

(b) Honorary Members – Granted on approval by the Executive Board of the P.E.I.R.R.C


The following articles and directors of the P.E.I.R.R.C. shall form the Executive Board:

  1. The Immediate Past President
  2. The President
  3. The Vice-President
  4. The Secretary
  5. The Treasurer
  6. A representative of the Youth Running Series
  7. Communications Director
  8. Series and Statistics Coordinator
  9. Sponsorship and Marketing Director

ARTICLE VI – Meetings

(a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year at a place and date to be determined by the Executive Board and notice of each annual meeting shall be sent to all members thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting.

(b) The Executive Board of the P.E.I.R.R.C. shall meet when required, besides the annual general meeting of the Association.

(c) Special General Meetings of the P.E.I.R.R.C. may be called on the order of the President or on the written request of any one-third of the members of the Association, setting forth the objectives of such a meeting which must be held within thirty (30) days of receipt of such request.


Constitutional Amendments, additions thereto, or deletions therefrom, may only be voted on at an Annual or Special General Meeting of the Association, upon Notice of Notion being presented to the Executive board at least forty-five (45) days prior to such a meeting. A two-thirds majority of the voting members present will be required.

The board shall forward or cause to be forwarded to each member Notice of Motion of any proposed constitutional amendments, deletions or additions at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual or Special General Meeting.


The Executive shall have the authority to appoint or name any committee as deemed necessary by the Executive or asked for by members at a General Meeting to carry on the business of the Association.


The By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote on a formal motion, duly seconded from the floor of any General Meeting.



(a) The PEI Roadrunner executive members have the right to annually adjust membership fees at executive meetings.


Only members in good standing shall be entitled to be represented or vote at any meeting of the Association.

For the voting purposes, members in good standing are those who have paid the current years membership fee and includes Honorary members, but does not include Members of the Youth Running Series under the age of fourteen(14)


(a) The terms of office shall be one year.

(b) Elections of Officers and Directors will be held at Annual General Meetings only.

(c) Three County Directors, one from Kings, Prince and Queens, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a one-year term.

(d) Only voting members in good standing shall hold office

(e) The existing officers and directors shall be eligible for re-election. If any of such officers are unable to be present, they must signify their acceptance of nomination in writing.

(f) Casual vacancies may be appointed by the Executive Board.

(g) The President, Treasurer and Secretary shall be the signing officers of the Association. Two of these 3 signature are required on cheques. Remaining Executive Officers may be substituted if necessary.


(a) President – The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of it’s Executive Board. They shall be responsible for the proper observance at all times of the Constitution and By-Laws and shall arrange for such meetings as may be deemed necessary for the advancement of the objectives of the Association.

(b) Vice-President – In the event the President becomes unable to execute their duties, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President until the election at the next Annual General Meeting. They shall be responsible for any duties delegated to them by the President. The Vice-President is responsible for coordinating membership registration with the Treasurer and Communications Director.

(c) Treasurer – The Treasurer shall insure that an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements of the Association is kept at all times. They shall have prepared a financial statement for each meeting of the Board and for the presentation to the membership each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

(d) Secretary – The Secretary shall insure that accurate notes be taken at each Executive Meeting and distribute the notes within 30 days after the meeting date.  Secretary chooses bursary winners each year with another person on Executive. The Secretary organizes notes for the AGM and helps with preparations for the AGM.

(e) Communication Director – The Communication Director is responsible for updating the website, and social media sites. For greater clarity it is the responsibility of other Board members to get accurate information to the Communications Director.

(f) Series and Statistics Coordinator – The Series and Statistics Coordinator is responsible to assign points for the Hashems’ Race Events, to receive race results from Race Directors and communicate this information to the Communications Director. In addition, the Series and Statistics Coordinator is responsible for coordinating with Race Directors the pick up and return of Roadrunner equipment.

(g) Sponsorship and Marketing Director. The Sponsorship and Marketing Director is responsible for coordinating the recruitment and retention of sponsors for the Club. They are also responsible for coordinating the Annual Banquet and Award Ceremony.


Persons who rendered valuable service to the Association shall be elected life members of the Association. Such persons shall have a voice and a vote at Annual General Meeting.


(a) The officers and directors shall compose the Executive Board of the Association.

(b) The Executive Board shall carry on the general business of the Association.

(c) The Executive shall meet at least twice in a year and at such time and place as the President may direct. The President may call additional meetings at their own discretion or upon request in writing of four members of the Board.

(d) A quorum of the Executive Board shall consist of a majority of the Board.

(e) The Executive Board shall have power to make rules, regulations and arrangements as to all matters of business, duties, management, regulations or otherwise, so far as not already herein provided expressly for.


(a) The order of business at the Annual General Meeting shall be arranged by the Executive Board and is to be sent to members ten (10) days before the meeting.

(b) All association and affiliated members in good standing shall be entitled to one vote.

(c) There shall be no voting by proxy at any meeting of the Association, the Executive or any committee.

Old Constitution

PEI Roadrunners Old Constitution (from the late 70's?)